Property management that reduces risk and improves tenant retention

Gresham House Real Estate offers first class property management services that are essential to the management of your real estate assets, utilising our team’s know-how to improve the profitability of your investments and long-term value while reducing the cost of your assets and maximising the quality of work and home environments.

Our expertise in tenant satisfaction, engineering services, security, energy management and sustainability practices helps you provide tenants a place they’re proud to call home for the long term. As professional advisors, our unique insight into the aspirations of your tenants means that we develop management strategies that maximise the value of your portfolios.

Our Services Include:

  • Optimise cash flows by ensuring prompt lease and debt collection

  • Manage your lease obligations

  • Maintain tenant satisfaction

  • Provide value-added services to the occupiers

  • Ensure physical and technical maintenance of your building

  • Manage your service charge costs efficiently

  • Make your building sustainable and energy efficient

  • Manage risk, insurance, litigation

  • Increase the value of your asset

Property Management
Our full operational management of your buildings provides a high quality service and a seamless delivery. See Portfolio