The team has a proven record of bringing cutting edge projects from conception through to completion with the Convention Centre Dublin in Spencer Dock as a prime example of this process.

With this experience comes a wealth of knowledge in terms of identifying the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in respect of all assets.

The team has strong relationships with all of the key players in the Irish market including, funders, investors, planners, design teams, management/ sales/letting agents and existing and potential occupiers. The extensive and in-depth experience built up over many years gives the team a high degree of corporate knowledge and contacts.

Blend of Skills

The team comprises a blend of experienced professionals highly qualified in a range of related specialties including surveying, engineering, finance and accountancy, development, project management, property management and marketing. This blend enhances our ability to deliver a first class property asset management service such that opportunities for enhancing value can be identified and exploited in a timely and integrated way.

The key areas of financial management to be provided are:

Budgeting – Income
Project Monitoring
Monitoring Income
Operating Expenses and Capital Expenditure
Financial Appraisal
Property Sales


The experience of the team extends beyond the provision of property and asset management and related services. Over the years this team has been required to work for a range of clients including US institutional real estate investors, Real Estate Opportunities in the context of its Stock Exchange requirements as a listed company and various regulated corporate and private entities.

We are very experienced in working with and reporting to AIFMS in the context of the Central Bank of Ireland Regulatory environment. We are licensed by the Irish Property Services Regulatory Authority.

The demanding requirements of our various clients and counter parties have been met and exceeded by the team who are well used to dealing in a highly regulated environment in terms of governance, reporting, delegated approvals as well as the formulation of commercial and management propositions for third party determination.

In-house Expertise

Our core asset and development management capability is supplemented by experts in key areas such as Finance, Financial Modelling, Property & Facility Management and Marketing.

Financial Management

Financial Management is a key component of our integrated management approach and by having this function in-house a more efficient overall asset management service can be provided. It also eliminates the need to outsource the financial aspects of asset management.


The importance of a highly developed marketing function informs the approach we take in recognising that the protection and enhancement of the value of our assets is fundamentally driven by the underlying market in which we operate.

A core principal of our management style is that we focus our attention on our existing and potential tenants and we have an ongoing program of meeting with our tenants on a regular basis

This ensures that we have a clear early warning of any problems or issues and also allows us to anticipate changing requirements.

We provide specialist input and support to secure sales and lettings on the best commercial terms for each project, through:

Branding and positioning of properties
The development of marketing strategies for new buildings
Event management for building promotions and launches
Production of pitches to secure new tenants and purchasers.
Creation of a range of marketing and sales/letting materials including brochures and CGI’s promotional videos, signage, websites and newsletters.
Generation of press releases and advertising to create awareness of each project
On-line campaigns including social networking, PPC campaigns and email marketing
Foster community relations through events such as open days and involvement in community initiatives.